My Mom and Dad (Mabel and Claude Bolton) might be considered pioneers when you look at how society functions today. My Dad was the office manager at the paper mill in Smooth Rock Falls. He was also the first Mayor of the town. Mom came to town to become the towns first School Teacher. They fell in love and were married.

Dad built a log cabin on the outskirts of town. He couldn’t build a home inside the town limits because the Mill owned all of the properties in town. Mom taught school in a one room school house where she taught children from grade one up to grade eight all in the same classroom. Our Dad became the town site manager and the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Company build a town where there had previously been nothing but bush.

My brother Ted (Edmond James Bolton) was the first born child in our family. Ted  my eldest brother. I don’t know why he got that name but that is what we all called him for my entire life. Ted was born on Dec. 1st 1926.

Three years after Ted was born Mom had another Child. He was Christened Roderick Arnold Bolton. We always called him Rod and even today everyone calls him Rod. My children and Ted’s Children refer to him as Uncle Rod. When he was just a boy we called him Roddy and Brother Ted was called Teddy

Another three years went by and in 1932 I became the third child in the Bolton family. Of course I always got Dougie Bolton as my name although my proper name is Douglas Lorne Bolton. Brother  Ted was nine years old when I was born.

Our sister Audrey was born in 1935. Murial Audrey Bolton always got Audrey as a name. Although once in a while in order to tease her we called her Aud. Pronounced Odd. Because she became the only girl in the family we boys always suspected that she got preferential treatment.

Audrey married a District Forest Ranger and raised a mechanic, a Medical Doctor, a Nurse, and an Accountant. Not bad for a girl we called Aud.

Brother Ted always did well in school. Because our Dad was an accountant I guess Brother Ted had an interest in that field of work also. I remember how I envied my older Brother when I was young. The town had a curfew. At 9:00 P.M. the whistle at the mill was blown. This signaled the children to run home if they were playing outdoors as no child under the age of 16 years was allowed out of their homes. I envied my older brothers right to stay out until I was of age to be out after the curfew.

Brother Rod got the nickname Prof. He was such a good student that after graduating from Queens University with a degree in Electrical Engineering he attended Stanford University in California and got his Masters degree. After graduation Rod was married to Barbara. They produced three Daughters, one a Journalist, and two Lawyers.

On Saturday evening there was always a showing of a movie in the United Church Hall.  Movies were always black and white in those days and the cost of admission was Twenty five cents.

In 1939 the Second World War was declared. Every man old enough to go into the Armed Forces Joined the Army, the Navy, or the air Force. The War lasted until 1945 when The Allied Forces defeated the German and Italian Army’s. Brother Ted had learned to do semaphore and morse code as a Boy Scout. It was only natural that he would Join the Merchant Navy and become a wireless operator on a Merchant Navy Ship.

Ted traveled back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean until the war ended. When he got back home to Smooth Rock Falls he got a job at one of the bush camps as the Camp Clerk. Bush camps where constructed far from town where tree’s could be chopped down and delivered to the Mill in town. The tree’s became the raw material for the Mill for the making of paper. Ted’s  job in the bush camp was to keep track of the cost of supplies, food, tools, wages, etc.

In 1948 when brother Ted  was going to school in Toronto I got the brilliant idea that I could live at the same boarding house as Ted and go to school to learn auto mechanics. It wasn’t long before I found out that Central Tech in Toronto was not the way for me to learn automobile repair. I returned to Smooth Rock, Ted graduated and returned to Smooth Rock. The Air Force recruiting crew came to town and in 1949 I joined the RCAF and left home to make a living on my own.

I remained in the RCAF until 1954, met my wife Ruby and raised our children; Sons Kirk & Todd,  daughters Susan and Carolyn. Son Todd’s christened name is Claude named after our Father. Son Kirk had a hard time getting his tongue around the name Claude and used his own pronunciation which came out Todd. It stuck that way with the whole family and to this day everyone calls son Claude “Todd”.

I was employed at a series of jobs including, production supervision, personel  management, operations manager with just my High School education. I attended University of Toronto school of Management at night in order to get credentials that showed I was capable of doing what I had been during most of my entire working career.

Brother  Ted saw an opportunity to own his own business in St. Catharines he offered the Doug Bolton’s a chance to share in the experience. Ted and his partner owned Economy Web in St. Catharines. Ted managed Economy Web and I managed Lindsay press in Niagara Falls which he and his partner also owned.

When Economy and Lindsay Press were sold I moved on to Clare’s Cycle where I was employed in Managemet and accounting as well as Computer network administration. I have had much enjoyment from  my business life. I have enjoyed many years of volunteering in a number of public service organizations, in various capacities.

Most of all I have enjoyed my Family. Family is the most important organization in society. Town councils are of great value. Provinces and States are necessary for a civilization to develop. Parliamentry government is necessary for humanity to remain organized and civilized. It is Family however that forms the necessary background for all of these other levels to function efficiently.


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